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Current Research Projects

#Data #AI #Tech & Power #SocialJustice #Privacy #Surveillance #Dataveillance #Datafiededucation


Co-building EdTech Literacy & Digital Ethics Framework
(September, 2023-April, 2024)

Simon Fraser University's CERi Graduate Fellowship Project

As a 2023-2024 SFU's CERi (Community Engaged Research Initiative) Graduate Fellow, I will be closely working with public school students in Burnaby School District to co-develop a critical digital ethics/EdTech use framework.  

Today’s post-pandemic classrooms are infused with varieties of learning technologies such as tablets, interactive online courses, VR/AR, and more. These EdTech tools have been hailed for their ability to create digital classrooms during the global health crisis, solve problems of educational divide, and enhance students’ concentration. Nonetheless, these new AI-embedded and computer vision tools are raising pressing concerns around automated classroom management, intrusive student surveillance, and infringing upon students’ data privacy rights (Hillman, 2022). Canada is no exception to these issues as an increasing number of schools experience their students’ data being breached, sold to AdTech (Advertising Tech companies) and data brokers. This project provides a timely, creative knowledge production and mobilization, working with high school students in Metro Vancouver, to enhance their digital literacy and co-produce knowledge around post-pandemic digital ethics & rights.


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South Korean government announced a new educational policy initiative to implement AI-textbooks in public schools by 2025. After consulting a group of elementary school teachers from Chung-buk Education's office, I will continue to work with key stakeholders, teachers, and students in South Korea in the process of developing the world's first digital AI-textbooks. 

Keywords: Datafied Education, Datafied School, Educational Consumerism, AI-textbooks

KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-08-17-00-30-55 003_
KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-08-17-00-30-54 001.jpeg

August 9th, 2023.  Meeting with elementary school teachers from South Korea at SFU campus. 
Topic: How to safely utilize EdTech in public schools 


Keypunch Operators
(September, 2023-ongoing)

Simon Fraser University's Digital Democracies Institute 

Extending the keynote presentation given by Dr. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Canada 150 Research Chair in New Media in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, My mother was a keypunch operator at a one day symposium (November 2, 2018) titled “My Mother Was a Computer: Legacies of Gender and Technology” at the College of William & Mary, in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, we are examining historical context of keypunch operators in 1960s and 70s in Canada, a female immigration form of labor. 

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UP-BC Precarity project (Understanding Precarity in BC, Canada)

by Dr. Kendra Strauss and Dr. Iglika Labour Studies Program; Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (BC Office)

Based on focus group and 1:1 interviews of 35 gig workers as well as online survey, "Gig Workers Deserve Better" project shed light on the precarious working conditions of gig workers in the ride-hail and food delivery sectors in British Columbia, Canada. What we heard report (expected to be released in the Fall '23) was written based on the data collected from the survey and the interviews and will be used to close the loopholes in legislation and make sure gig workers are fully protected by British Columbia's workplace laws including the Employment Standards Act, Workers Compensation Act and Labour Relations Code.

Keywords: Labour, precarious employment, precarity, income, security, health, gender, race, immigrant status

04 (Under review)

Datafied Education - Rethinking 21st century education 

Under review IJOC (International Journal of Communication)

I examine the increasingly datafied education in the contexts of the EU and South Korea. 


#policyanalysis #EU Digital Action Plan #South Korean Education Policy #Pandemic Policies #COVID-19 #Pandemic #Digital Learning #Neoliberalism #Public vs. Private values

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05 (Work-in-progress)

이미지 제공: Jon Tyson

Anti-Asian Racism during the COVID-19

Using declonial approaches to examine anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic, I examine Canadian news media coverage from 2020-2022.

Presented at 2023 CCA (Canadian Communications Association) : Reckonings with Racial Injustices Part I

June 1st, 2023 


#decolonialapproach #decolonialtheory #asiaasmethod #COVID-19 #anti-asianracism #stopasianhate #criticaldiscourseanalysis 

06 (Work-in-progress)

Online misogyny and hate in the context of South Korea

Sulli, a member of popular Korean idol group, f(x), was a tragic victim of online misogyny and cyber harassment in South Korea in 2019. I investigate the limitations of self-regulatory procedures adopted by Korean media platforms after this tragic incident. 


#onlinecommunication #misogyny #sexism #cyberharassment #press self-regulation

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