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Saemi Nadine Jung

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Hi World,

I am Saemi Nadine Jung.
I am a financial news anchor turned media & communications scholar who strongly believes in the power of education.

Growing up as a third culture kid, I have always been fasicanted by different ways of thinking and viewing the world. Born and partially raised in South Korea, a third of my life was spent in North America and Germany, another third in South Korea to work as a financial journalist, then in London, UK, where I did my Master's of Social Science in Media and Communications. Currently, I am living and studying in Vancouver, Canada, where I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Communication.

My doctoral research takes a post-colonial, transnational lens to examine the development of EdTech, investigating in what ways technologies influence, shape the future of education. Currently, I work on research projects identifying models of resilience that help sustain the socio-cultural and democratic functions of cultural organisations during and beyond times of acute crisis like global pandemic and platform policies.

My past research work includes comparative cross-national policy analysis of the EU and South Korean education, gendered racism in media news representation during the COVID-19 and data justice/ethics. 

In addition to being a PhD student, I am a Founder and CEO of the Baeum Institute and Society, and Academic and Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Content Creator. 


When I'm not doing research work, I love making music, listening to music, and performing the piano. I spend much time watching nature, being in nature, and drawing, painting, and playing music.  

I am driven by the values that I believe in. I hope my work will continue to serve the world, especially help those who are marginalized, underrepresented, who can use empowerment. 

#Media Justice #Education #Ethical Practices in Education #AI/Data Ethics #Political Economy of digital platforms 

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PhD, Simon Fraser Unviersity (2022-current)

Recipient of Graduate Entrance Scholarship                        

- Research areas: Big Data/AI ethics, EdTech, Political Economy of Platform Technologies, Online Hate Culture, Policy Analysis, Social Media Audience Analysis, Surveillance/ Dataveillance and Media justice

MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science (2020-2021)

- Covid-19 Media Representation Research Associate

- LSE 2020-2021 Post-grad Content Developer / Student Ambassador

B.A. & B.M. Full Scholarship 

Oberlin College & Conservatory (2006-2011)

​- Double Degree Program: B.A. in German studies, B.M. in Piano performance 

- Conservatory Dean's Award 

- 1960 Scholarship Award

Freie Universität zu Berlin (2010-2011)

- selected as a DAAD scholar 

- completed the Columbia Univeristy's Glaobl Engagement study aborad program "BCGS (Berlin Consortium German Studies" program) 

- studied at Freie Universität zu Berlin and Humboldt Universität 

Research Areas

Datafication, Dataveillance, Platformized institutions in public school settings in digitally advanced regions 

  • EdTech - Dataveillance in public school settings
  • Research Project with @LSEMedia (Jan, 2021-May 2022)
  • Consequences of the current data practices in the field of education (May, 2021)
Social Justice  - Ethics, Privacy, Inequalities
  • COVID-19: A Communication Crisis – Ethics, Privacy, Inequalities. Conducting of research across 15 countries around the world on the representation of  COVID-19 in relation to inequalities. Analyzing BBC, Russia Today, and Al Jazeera Intenrational. 
Media Representation of gender, race, and Korean pop scene
  • Female representation of anti-Asian hate crimes in major news media journalism (May, 2021) 
  • Who intervenes to stop online hate culture? South Korean regulations on online misogyny (May, 2021)
  • Is the audience research still useful analysis? (Jan, 2021) 
  • SMART cities: inequality and democracy (Jan, 2021)
Internet Studies 
  • To what extent are the Internet's effects on sociability discourse relevant to the current debate on the Internet's consequences of social capital? (May, 2021)


Content Executive, Twinkl, UK (2021-2022)

  • Lead effective digital marketing combined with all-things-SEO including lnikbuilding, keyword search (SEMrush + Ahrefs), GC&GA (Google Console and Google Analytics), and data analysis

  • Specialize in content marketing via creating high-quality blog/social media/e-pdf content, collaborating with high-stake holders, organizations, press, and media, mass outreach to engage a wider audience for online traffic.

  • Produce compelling, engaging newsletters, develop campaign projects that promote core educational values of the company: "helping those who teach"

  • Enhance brand value of the company by competitor analysis, research, and building close relationships with influencers, market leaders within the US market.

Financial News Anchor,

Korean Economic Daily News / Arirang TV


Seoul, South Korea (2012-2020)

  • Delivered and managed over +10 programs covering financial markets, digital technology, blockchain, insurance, real estate and revamped the global financial newscast, recording No.1 viewer ratings across competing channels.

  • Crafted new media strategies to increase publicity, brand awareness and online presence of the company and spearheaded an innovative digital platform-based news program engaging audience live. 

  • Researched, analyzed blue-chip companies, and covered 2-hour live newscasts, interviewing prominent figures such as Madame Christine Lagarde, President of ECB.


Founder of Baeum Institute (2015-current)

  • Create educational, engaging video and social media content for platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twtter.

  • Presented and facilitated 100+ workshops on digital literacy around social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and received satisfaction rates above 90%.

  • Designed an online financial news lecture from curriculum and recorded online lecture series.

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