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Google officially announced that it will suck up all our data. What do we do next?

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Yuval Harari said,

"AI might destroy our civilization"

pointing out that storytelling AIs like chat GPT will "change the course of human history."

Even experts and researchers no longer dare to guess how the future is gonna look like 10 years from now because the "technology is moving faster than our imaginations can possibly keep up with."

Against the backdrop of generative AI wars, Google announced that it is changing its privacy policy and it will use all data out there "in the public" to train its algorithms, BARD and CLOUD AI. BARD is Google's response to Chat GPT.

However, the recent spree of Tech layoffs resulted in ravaging the teams that fight online mis/disinformation and misogyny, basically Internet Ethics departments. This was seen in almost all major media platform companies, including Meta, Amazon, Google, and Twitter.

Generative AI data google

While there is a growing talk about government intervention, the policy talk is not catching up the speed of these new techs.

The implications are severe. Not only just privacy concerns,

  • More complex mis/disinformation issues will emerge

  • Intrusive data scraping means potential algorithmic radicalization, biases and discrimination,

Some of the suggestions include:

  • Use alternative services like duckduckgo for searches, Protonmail for email, Vimeo for videosharing, and Brave for webbrowsing.

Nonetheless, the urgent need for guiding policies and appropriate measures must be addressed.

More sources:

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In case there was any doubt, Google's privacy policy now explicitly states that it's going to suck up all your data

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