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Saemi Nadine Jung, Doctoral Researcher,
Digital Democracies Institute,
Simon Fraser University

EdTech/AI-data ethics/Communications

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PhD scholar, Researcher, Author, Speaker, and Educator.

School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

Former financial journalist turned media & communications scholar with 10+ years of work experiences in NYC, Chicago, London, and Seoul. I am an impact-oriented media & communications specialist with an extensive background of financial journalism, political economy of tech, media and comms analysis, and passionate about social justice. 

Research Interests

Saemi is a social justice-oriented, interdisciplinary thinker of media and communications. She worked as a financial news anchor for about than 10 years prior to her doctoral research. With 10+ years of work experiences in NYC, Chicago, London, and Seoul, it was natural for her to incorporate a transnational, decolonial, and comparative approach to her research.

Saemi's research areas are largely at the intersection of political economy of platform technologies, critical data studies, issues of social justice and digital communication culture.

Her recent research projects are focused on tech and power, surveillance/dataveillance, platformization of work, AI/data ethics, and datafied education.


Current Research Projects

2023 Project: Understand Precarity (UP-BC Precarity Project) (April - August, 2023)

- This is a 6-year long joint research initiative by Simon Fraser University, Canadian Centre for Policy Initiative and BC Federation of Labour to understand work precarity across BC. I am working with gig workers in the ride hailing and food delivery sectors to shed light on their lived experiences of working with platform companies like Uber and Lyft.

- This research will highlight the systemic issues and the systemic solutions in this sector and will be used to guide political advocacy to improve wages, employment standards, and health and safety.


2022 Project: Research on platform policies and building a communication resilience-model in organizations hit by the global pandemic

2021 Project: COVID-19: A Communication Crisis – Ethics, Privacy, Inequalities.
- This was a collaborative research project between faculty, PhD researchers and Master’s students involving the conduct of research across countries on the representation of COVID-19, especially in relation to inequalities.
- We used quantitative and qualitative audio-visual content and coding analysis to analyze 15 different national mediascapes in three periods of the pandemic - April 2020 (the outbreak), October 2020 (rising second wave) and January 2021 (path to recovery).

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