Hello World,

I am Saemi (also go by Nadine). 

I am a financial news anchor turned media & communications scholar who strongly believes in the power of education.

Growing up as a third culture kid, I have always been fasicanted by different ways of thinking and viewing the world. Born and partially raised in South Korea, a third of my life was spent in North America and Germany, another third in South Korea to work as a financial journalist, then in London, UK, where I did my Master's of Social Science in Media and Communications. Currently, I am living and studying in Vancouver, Canada, where I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Communication.

My doctoral research takes a comparative lens to look at the development of EdTech, investigating in what ways technologies influence, shape the future of education. Currently, I work  on research projects identifying models of resilience that help sustain the socio-cultural and democratic functions of cultural organisations during and beyond times of acute crisis like global pandemic and platform policies.

My research work includes comparative cross-national policy analysis of the EU and South Korean education, gendered racism in media news representation during the COVID-19 and data justice/ethics. 

In addition to being a PhD student, I am a Founder and CEO of the Baeum Institute and Society, and Academic and Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Content Creator. 

I am driven by the values that I believe in. I hope my work will continue to serve the world, especially help those who are marginalized, underrepresented, who can use empowerment. 

#Media Justice #Education #Ethical Practices in Education #AI/Data Ethics #Political Economy of digital platforms 

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Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

Christine Lagarde, President of ECB

Financial News Anchor turned Media & Communications Scholar.

I'm a former financial news anchor turned Media & Communications scholar, content creator, writer, cultural ambassador to South Korea and unshakable believer in the power of love.  I'm a passionate media and communciations scholar, student of life whose curiosity ranges from political economy of education, cultural studies, media/data ethics to classical music. 

My passion and love for learning enables me to challenge the world, question why the world the way it is and look for ways to bring justice, equality and better world to live in for the next generations.  With my extensive experiences in broadcasting and in the field of media & communications, I have recently jumped into the academic world to gain more theoretical knowledge in this interdisciplinary field. 

As we are living in a thoroughly mediated world, I pour my passion and heart into understanding the fast changing the world through media and technologies and how they influence our thinking, the way we are living, and impact our culture. 

I believe without 'real communication,' we can't be happy. That is how I came to what I do now, from being a world-travelling  professional pianist, law scholar, financial news anchor to Media & Communications scholar, currently residing in London, UK, researching and studying. 


MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science 


- Covid-19 Media Representation Research Associate

- LSE 2020-2021 Post-grad Content Developer / Student Ambassador

B.A. & B.M. Full Scholarship Recipient

Oberlin College & Conservatory 


- Double Degree Program: B.A. in German studies, B.M. in Piano performance 

- Recieved Full Ride at Oberlin College and Conservatory, OH, U.S.A. (2006-2011) 

- Conservatory Dean's Award 

- 1960 Scholarship Award

Freie Universität zu Berlin


- selected as a DAAD scholar 

- completed the Columbia Univeristy's Glaobl Engagement study aborad program "BCGS (Berlin Consortium German Studies" program) 

- studied at Freie Universität zu Berlin and Humboldt Universität 

Scholarships & Honors

Phi Beta Kappa & Pi Kappa Lambda


- Selected as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa  

- The Phi Beta Kappa Society is the oldest academic honor society in the United States, and is often described as its most prestigious one, owing to its long history and academic selectivity.

- Selected member of the Pi Kappa Lambda 

- The Pi Kappa Lambda Society is an American honor society for undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors of music. 

DAAD Scholar in Germany


- selected as DAAD scholar of 2010-2011

- participated in Columbia Univeristy's Glaobl Engagement study aborad program "BCGS (Berlin Consortium German Studies" program) 

- studied a year abroad at Freie Universität zu Berlin and Humboldt Universität  

Oberlin Law Scholar



- selected as the top 12 law Scholars at Oberlin College & Conservatory 

- received a full stipend to do summer law internship

- Legal intern at the Family Defense Center in Chicago, U.S.A. (summer internship)

- Legal intern at Lansner and Kubitschek, New York City, U.S.A. (winter term)

Kishimi Ichiro

This was when I interviewed the writer, Kishimi Ichiro, a best-selling author of "The Courage to be disliked."

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Mark Lippert

This was when I interviewed former U.S. ambassador to S. Korea, 

Mark Lippert on our show, Arirang Radio during the 2015 Jeju Peace Forum in South Korea. 

Ambassador specifically chose me as an interviewer because he found our questionnaire particularly interesting. 

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